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Pizza Baby Films Inc. was incorporated in Massachusetts on August 13, 2014 by Don Schechter. The company’s goal is to produce and provide support to major motion picture productions in and around Boston, Massachusetts. The company is based in Newton Center, MA alongside Charles River Media Group (CRMG).

PizzaBaby Films is named after Don’s daughter Zoey – who forced her mother to consume many slices of pizza while she was pregnant. Both thought the baby would be composed solely of pizza.

Pizza Baby Films is in the unique position of being able to partner with companies including Charles River Media Group in order to provide financial, technical, and logistical support to both major motion pictures and independent films shooting in and near Boston, Massachusetts. Resources include a production office and studio located on the “T,” post-production workstations including a color correction suite, and access to production equipment ranging from Red Cameras to G&E gear.

Pizza Baby Films, Inc. actively seeks to invest in independent feature films – especially those filmed in the Boston area. We are also eager to discuss our own projects with potential producers.

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The Ascendants Anthology

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In the near future, proof of the afterlife creates a corrupt dystopia.

Ascendants is a multi-format project. We are garnering interest in selling a script as a pilot for a scripted series or trilogy of films by both creating an anthology of short films set in that world and a novelization of that script. Each short in the Ascendants Anthology explores a different aspect of the life created by the discovery of Ascension – and each film takes place at different key historical points.

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To learn more about The Ascendants, visit the official website here.

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Other Projects

Marranos – a film by Howard Woolf (2015)
This feature-length independent film tells the story of Spanish Jews, nearing the turn of the 15th century, whose lives were changed forever when the call went out: convert or die.

“Clover” – a short by Ryan Bliss (2015)
14 year old Thomas and his younger sister Ethel are thrown into peril when a mysterious stranger arrives from the dead of the winter at their secluded New England farm. With their parents gone and the stranger’s motives unknown, the children are forced to make a decision that will bring deadly consequences to everyone involved.

“Rot” – a short by Ryan Bliss (2014)
Rot is a hypnotic, intimately revealing look at love, loss, and regret through the eyes of a man dying of a rare skin disease.

“Congested Conjurist”- a music video by Benjamin Grenville (2015)
A raw and visceral account of a union soldiers perspective directed by Cody Signore, produced by David Bouley, and Cinematography by Chuck Vuolo.